Our Story

Bow&Arrow : The Brand from bow&arrow NYC on Vimeo.

Bow&Arrow NYC is a collaborative jewelry project that brings together talented Native American artists from Navajo, Zuni, and other Southwestern tribes. The result is an exclusive line of handcrafted jewelry that's traditionally made using the very best Sterling Silver, turquoise, coral, and other precious stones and gems. 

Founded by Leslie O'Kelley-Maiden, originally from Texas and now a NYC transplant, the company was born in the summer of 2011, a time when replica Native American jewelry was cropping up everywhere. Her hope for Bow&Arrow was to set out to become a true, authentic source of Native American jewelry and artists. 



Like all art forms, credibility and respect is the upmost quality you look for in handcrafted jewelry. This strong belief is what led Leslie to partner with Native artists such as Wilson and Carol Begay (Navajo), and Eugene Gruber(Navajo). Being able to carry on a tradition through the Native people is very important to the brand — and it stands as a foundation to all of its jewelry.


Love & Turquoise xx

Bow&Arrow Team