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Classic Southwestern Turquoise Mines

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All our artists work with authentic stones and materials. Learn more about where our stones come from and what makes them unique and beautiful!


Kingman Turquoise Mine is one of the oldest and highest producing Turquoise Mines in America. It was originally discovered by prehistoric Indians well over 1000 years ago. Kingman Turquoise is known for its beautiful sky blue color and produces many variations of blue Turquoise.  The matrix of most Kingman turquoise is naturally white bus is usually dyed to black with shoe polish. 


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona has become one of the most important Turquoise mines in the world. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise was first found by the Native Americans during the Anasazi times. At this time the Turquoise was mined with hand tools and little bits were collected at a time. The baby blue or "Robin's Egg" blue Turquoise was mainly used as beads and on shells that the Native American tribes of the Southwest had traded for with the Native American tribes of central and south America.

The gemstone got its name from the mountain where it is mined, which resembles a sleeping woman laying on her back with arms crossed. Now the Arizona Turquoise Mine recently closed in the fall of 2012, the Turquoise has jumped in value, and is now selling for prices simular to it's high grade counterparts from Nevada, USA. It’s pure color and natural strength make Sleeping Beauty Turquoise characteristics a favorite for jewelry makers and artists around the world.


Morenci Turquoise This turquoise is highly sought after for its blue colors and iron pyrite, or "fool's gold", matrix. The name drives from the large open-pit Morenci copper mine in Arizona. When look at old pawn or vintage turquoise jewelry you will find a ton of beautiful natural Morenci. Today this beautiful classic Turquoise is hard to find. The mine has been closed for many, many, many years. Ultra highgrade material from this mine as with most mines was always scarce, and today is very rare. 


Pilot Mountain Turquoise This active mine in Nevada currently produces a large amount of graded turquoise with a variety of colors ranging from blue to green with dark brown, black, or reddish matrices. Deposits here consist primarily of thin seams with some nugget formations. 


Royston Turquoise comes from the Royston mining district located near Tonapah, Nevada. "Royston Turquoise," originally consisted of four old Turquoise claims: Bunker Hill, Easter Blue, Oscar Wehrend, and Royal Blue. Royston Turquoise in known for having a wide range of Turquoise colors from a beautiful soft blue to emerald greens.